Tenor Rehearsal Files

Spring 2019 program

Click on the name of the song to open the playback.

Abendlied: Tenor 1; Tenor 2
April In Paris
Button Up Your Overcoat
Deep River
Flora gave me fairest flowers
Gartenlieder Op 3

    1. Music: Lockung; and pronunciation.
    2. Music: Schöne Fremde; and pronunciation.
    3. Music: Im Herbste; and pronunciation.
    4. Music: Morgengruss; and pronunciation.
    5. Music: Abendlich; and pronunciation.
    6. Music: Im Wald; and pronunciation.

J’entends le moulin: Tenor 1; Tenor 2
La Rose complete: Tenor 1; Tenor 2
the Last Rose of Summer: Tenor 1; Tenor 2
the Maypole
My luve’s like a red, red rose
Now is the month of Maying
Roses I send to you
Songs of Nature: Tenor 1; Tenor 2

  1. Melodies steal into my
  2. Vesper bells ring
  3. Golden sunlight
  4. Slender young birch
  5. This day

Songs of Robert Schumann

  1. Its May: Tenor 1; Tenor 2
  2. Where’er My Tears Are Falling
  3. The Rose and the Lily

the Water is wide
Wade in the Water
Wood River


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