Soprano Rehearsal Files

Spring 2020 program

From the Bavarian Highlands
1-The Dance
2-False Love
5-On The Alm
6 The Marksmen: Soprano1 Soprano2

En Passant par la Lorraine
High Flight
Let Us Cheer the Weary Traveler: Soprano1 Soprano2
Lost Lagoon
Muié Rendêra: Soprano1 Soprano2

Songs and Sonnets
1. Live with me and be my Love
2.When Daffodils begin to peer
3.It was a lover and his lass: Soprano1 Soprano2
5.Who is Silvia
6.Fie on sinful fantasy
7.Hey Ho the wind and the rain: Soprano1 Soprano2

Sonnet 18
The Hour Has Come
Goin Home
Take Time
Log Drivers Waltz: Soprano1 Soprano2

What if the practice file will not open or play?

The links on the Newcombe website direct to a file that is intended to play with an audio player associated with the Newcombe Singers Google Drive. Problems arise when a setting in your browser, or some history with another Google service, overrides what is supposed to happen.

The brute force solution is to purge the information your browser retains and start afresh. In general, an icon in the upper right corner of a browser (3 dots, 3 lines) allows access to “settings” or “options” as drop-down menus. Within the choices, you are generally looking for “Clear browsing data”, or “Site data”, or “History”. These may be hidden under “Privacy and Security” and/or “Advanced settings”. When you clear the data, select browsing history, cookies and saved website data, and cached data and files.

If you have an automatic login to a Google account as part of the way you use your browser, this may interfere with our audio player. You can sign out of your Google account, and then access our files.

Good housekeeping security tip: all browsers have a setting to “purge cookies and website data on exit” or “never remember history”. You can also tell the browser to never remember your passwords, account settings, and other personal information stored for your “convenience”. Browsers and websites run just fine without this personal information exposure. If it ain’t stored , it can’t be stolen.

And remember to turn on your speakers. 😊

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