Alto Rehearsal Files

Spring 2019 program

Click on the name of the song to open the playback.

April In Paris
Button Up Your Overcoat
Deep River
Flora gave me fairest flowers
Gartenlieder Op 3

    1. Music: Lockung; and pronunciation.
    2. Music: Schöne Fremde; and pronunciation.
    3. Music: Im Herbste; and pronunciation.
    4. Music: Morgengruss; and pronunciation.
    5. Music: Abendlich; and pronunciation.
    6. Music: Im Wald; and pronunciation.

J’entends le moulin
La Rose complete: Alto 1 Alto 2
the Last Rose of Summer: Alto 1; Alto 2
the Maypole
My luve’s like a red, red rose
Now is the month of Maying
Roses I send to you
Songs of Nature

  1. Melodies steal into my
  2. Vesper bells ring
  3. Golden sunlightm
  4. Slender young birch
  5. This day

Songs of Robert Schumann

  1. Its May
  2. Where’er My Tears Are Falling Alto 1; Alto 2
  3. The Rose and the Lily

the Water is wide
Wade in the Water
Wood River: Alto1; Alto 2


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