Rehearsal File Download

Click on the link below to bring up a folder list of rehearsal files.  There are subfolders by voice in some links.

Spring 2020

Remembrance Day

A double click on a file/song will play the streaming version of the file.
A right click on a file opens a menu that includes “Download”.  To download all the files in the folder select all files and then right click > download.

What if the practice files will not open or play?

The links on the Newcombe website direct to the Newcombe Singers Google Drive. Problems arise when a setting in your browser, or some history with another Google service, overrides what is supposed to happen.

The brute force solution is to purge the information your browser retains and start afresh. In general, an icon in the upper right corner of a browser (3 dots, 3 lines) allows access to “settings” or “options” as drop-down menus. Within the choices, you are generally looking for “Clear browsing data”, or “Site data”, or “History”. These may be hidden under “Privacy and Security” and/or “Advanced settings”. When you clear the data, select browsing history, cookies and saved website data, and cached data and files.

If you have an automatic login to a Google account as part of the way you use your browser, this may interfere with our audio player. You can sign out of your Google account, and then access our files.

Good housekeeping security tip: all browsers have a setting to “purge cookies and website data on exit” or “never remember history”. You can also tell the browser to never remember your passwords, account settings, and other personal information stored for your “covenience”. Browsers and websites run just fine without this personal information exposure. If it ain’t stored , it can’t be stolen.

And remember to turn on your speakers. 😊

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