Alto Rehearsal Files

Click on the play button below the name of the song.

Ave Maria 

Ave Verum  Alto 1 

Ave Verum Alto 2 

Four Strong Winds  Alto 

Farewell to NS Alto 

Salish Song Alto 1 

Salish Song Alto 2 


A Canadian Requiem Op. 108





5-Pie Jesu-A 

6-Agnus Dei-A 

7-Libera Me Solo

8-Libera Me Chorus-A 

9-Postlude What a Friend-A 


Fair In Face Alto 

Grand Hotel Alto 1

Grand Hotel Alto 2

Hunker Down Alto 

Beheld Here Beautiful Alto 

Log Drivers Waltz Alto 

The Lost Lagoon Alto 

O Canada Alto 

Rise Up My Love Alto 

She is like a swallow Alto 

Something to Sing About Alto 

V’la L’bon Vent Alto 

Williams Lake Stampede Alto 

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